The Checkerboard Is Hell
According to the conventions of human language and human thinking, the universe is “one thing”, which is organized in every detail—and which is “given” to human beings for the paradisiacal purpose of their own “self”-fulfillment.
All such thinking is nonsense—an utter fabrication, with no basis whatsoever in Reality.
If the universe is so orderly, why does everyone die?
Why is everyone subject to so much suffering?

Why is this mode of existence characterized by suffering?
It is not merely that “bad” experience is potential here. This orderly universe is suffering. The checkerboard is suffering.
It is not merely a matter of how any particular game of checkers works out. No—the checkerboard (in and of itself) is limitation, confinment, non-Reality, bondage, stress, search, and mortality. The checkerboard—in and of itself—is intolerable.

You are supposed to notice this! 
You are supposed to notice—with every breath, every morning, every day—
that this orderly universe, in and of itself, is hell!
This, in and of itself, is bondage. The checkerboard does not have good intentions—and neither does it have bad intentions.  The checkerboard has no intentions.
The checkerboard is simply a pattern replicating, generating seed-forms that are totally arbitrary, non-necessary, and merely apparent modifications of the all-and-All-Reflecting (or Acausal) Condition That Is Reality Itself.

— The Divine Presence, Beloved Avatar, Adi Da Samraj

Om Sri Adi Da Love-Ananda Hridayam

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