You Make Fear, You Are Fear

If you’re not interested in settling for fear, then you must embrace Samadhi as the orientation of your living. Its about Radiance, transcending self-contraction, therefore transcending fear. To not be afraid, you have to be identified with That Which Is inherently Fearless. If you’re identified with what passes, you’re afraid inherently, because you can’t hold onto it, you can’t perpetuate it, you can’t depend on anything. 

To identify with any condition or conditional state, you identify with fear. 
Contract, and you identify with fear. 
You make fear, you are fear.

So to be free of fear, you can’t just do some psychological or mental trick with yourself. That’s an exercise of what dies. To be free of fear you must Realize the Divine Self-Condition and conform the entire body-mind to It through the Power of Divine Recognition.
The body’s a poor little thing. Its an animal. Its very wary and frightened. It can relax sometimes, too, but its always aware of its vulnerable situation. You inherit that feeling, all of that, when you identify with the body. So you must make the body a sacrifice in the Divine, in the Contemplative sense, not in the sense of religious martyrdom but in the sense of Divine Communion. 
You must orient the entire body-mind to Divine Communion. It is Love, Radiance, Blissful. It is not that the body is a negative merely. It is nothing but That Divine Reality-not separate from It in the slightest. But in the Realization of That, it is Outshined.
–Adi Da Samraj, 1995

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