“Point of View” Is the Essence of Ego-Life

Reality Itself always already exists. Reality Itself Is the One, and Only, and All, and What That Exists — always prior to “point of view”, and always before any individual “point of view” constructs its version of separately “self”-presumed “reality”.
“Point of view” is the essence of ego-life: The apparently individual being presumes that he or she is a particularized “point”, or a psycho-physically self-organized “point of view”, in space-time. And that “point” is “made” by contracting from the always prior and indivisible (and inherently egoless) condition of totality — and, indeed, by contracting from even every mode, form, or state of conditional existence that is not “local” (or even identical) to the “point of view” (or ego-“I”) of “self”-reference.

–Adi Da Samraj, from Transcendental Realism


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