Searchlessly Beholding Reality Itself

Searchlessly Beholding Reality Itself

My devotee is not Called, by Me, merely to turn “inward”, or to struggle and seek to survive merely as a self-contracted and self-referring and selfseeking and self-serving ego-“center”. Instead, I Call My devotee to turn the heart toward Me–feeling Me As I Am, Free-Standing here. 

I Call My devotee to turn from the self-“center”, to Me, in relationship. 

I Call My devotee to merely turn every faculty of body-mind to Me, having already Found Me–rather than to affirm the separate state, and the separative act, of ego-“I”, by seeking for Me.

 I Call My devotee to grow to “Locate” My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Presence–by constantly turning to My Avatarically-Born bodily Divine Form and Person.

 I Call My devotee to receive Me Spiritually (in the inherently searchless attitude, or “Asana”, of Mere Beholding of My Avatarically-Born bodily human Divine Form), and to understand that I Am Infinitely Above and Beyond the body-mind-self of My devotee (and I am not merely “within”–or contained and containable “within” the separate, separative, and self-contracted domain of the body-mind-self, or the ego-“I”, of My would-be devotee).

–Adi Da Samraj, excerpted from First Word, 2003 version

[many thanks to Beezone editor]

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