A Virtual “World” of Pseudo-Reality and Pseudo-Truth

Human bondage is unique in the Earth-“world”— because human bondage is bondage to the language-based mind, and (in the Earth-“world”) the mode of language-based mind to which human beings are bound is (in its complexity, and in its aspiration to generate a comprehensive facsimile of the entire “self”-structure and “world”-structure) unique to the human species of primate mammals.

Bondage to the human mode of mind is bondage to the language-game that the human brain invents. 

Human beings are, in fact, merely animals—specifically, primate mammals, from the same general class of animals as the great apes.

Nevertheless, the human species is associated with an extreme capability relative to complex and comprehensive language-making, language-exploitation, and language-based “self”-identification—or attachment to a (“subjectively objectified”) “self”-idea (or linguistically-constructed ego-“I”). 

As a result, human beings are able to project themselves into a “world” of mere ideas (or brain-based mental constructs)—a virtual “world” of pseudo-Reality and pseudo-Truth.

That virtual (or mind-based) “world” is the fundamental source of human bondage.

-Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 796

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