The Conscious Moveless Spire from Heart to Light

There is no real contraction. 

There is only that enjoyment that is Truth, what is 
always already the case. 

The body is a process of conductivity in which the force of life moves
 in a circle, descending and ascending. 

The center or epitome of the life aspect of this force is the vital center in the general region of the navel. 

The epitome of the subtle “body” is in the regions of the head, 
above the eyes, even above the head. 

It manifests not as life or vitality, but as Light, unqualified Conscious Light. 

The modifications of most subtle, pre-cosmic Light are everything 
we know as Life. 

The center or epitome of the prior, “causal” or transcendent existence is the region of the “Heart,” on the right side of the chest.

It manifests as very consciousness, absolute space, formless, unqualified existence, the vast bliss. 

Nothing is being communicated but That which includes these three. 
There is nothing but That. 

That is Amrita Nadi, the Great Form, the conscious, moveless spire which extends from the Heart to the Light.
–Adi Da Samraj, 1973

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