The Lion Sutra of the Ruchira Avatar
Part Two:  Sutras 509-525
 Sutra 509.

No “other” is Worthy of futile Seeking-desire and inevitable emptiness.

Sutra 510.

Neither attachment Nor avoidance is Right. 
Sutra 511.

No sorrow is Necessary.
Sutra 512.

No “thing” is More than Wonderful.

Sutra 513.

Neither bewilderment Nor “knowledge” is Free.
Sutra 514.
Fear itself is Ultimate pain, but it is Utterly Un-Necessary–because it is Inherently and Perfectly non-Necessary.
Sutra 515.
Seeking and attaining are (Inevitably) a total loss–and loss itself is the Only Constant Discovery in every gain.

Sutra 516.

Seeking by desiring is (itself), even previous to either gain or loss, an empty hole of unending darkness, but Seeking-desire is an Illusion of Filling (and only a Search for possible Fullness), because it is “Filled” only with mind–and mind Cannot Be Truly Filled, because it is always “Full” of itself.

Sutra 517.

The “knowledge” of bewilderment is the only “thing” in mind.
Sutra 518.

The “world” of “objects”, or “others”, or “things” Already (in any moment) bites–and it Always bites back.

Sutra 519.

 Therefore, Surrender to the Sight of Me, and Listen to Me, and Hear Me, and See Me, and Stand Back In Me, and “Know” Me Perfectly. 

Sutra 520.

To Seek “objects”, and Not To Understand that All Seeking is Moved by pain, is pain itself, and bewilderment.
Sutra 521.

To desire “others” or to avoid them, and Not To Understand that desire and avoidance are Made of sorrow, is sorrow itself, and dark emptiness.

Sutra 522.
To Wonder, and to “know” the “things”, and Not To Understand that “knowledge” is Never Satisfied, is the Essence of fear itself.
Sutra 523.
 The “personal identity”, the ego-“I”, or the separate, darkly empty, painful, and psycho-physically “self”-Contracted body-mind-complex is Always an Illusion, an un-Recognized Reflection of Consciousness itself–a Mirage of need, Searchful desirability, and Wonder, Superimposed On Consciousness Itself by the apparent flow of events that are Not Consciousness Itself.

Sutra 524.
There is Not any “personal identity”, but Always Only the Ultimate Self-Identity, or Non-Separate Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light Itself–Always Already Free, One, Indivisible, Whole, Full, and All-Love-Bliss-“Bright”.
Sutra 525.

Therefore, By Growing In ego-Transcending Devotion to Me, Grow To Perfectly Observe and Perfectly Understand and (thus) Perfectly Transcend and Perfectly Forget (and, Ultimately, most perfectly Realize the Non-Reality of) the conditionally arising Illusion of separateness, relatedness, otherness, and “Difference”.

–Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 1475

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