There Is No Magical Release From The Past
An infant doesn’t have any ability to be independent. It hasn’t developed anything. It’s just a blob, hardly differentiated even in terms of its physical form. So if it’s not permitted to be very physically intimate with the mother for a sufficient period of time, it can develop this sense of a break in the continuity between its own consciousness and the Infinite, and it becomes very vulnerable. So if a child isn’t held enough, isn’t held when it calls, isn’t breast fed, is left in the dark with a bottle and that kind of thing, it can very quickly develop this reaction, this feeling that it has no connection, and start getting frightened. And if that is basically the situation of the child then its whole social development is based on this sense of being separate and vulnerable.

In this Divine Communion in relation to the Spiritual Master there isn’t the separation that you suffered in your childhood. That’s not what the relationship is about; it’s about Communion, Union, Unity with the Source. That’s the new situation to which you all have to adapt, whereas your habit represents adaptation to separation, to incidents of enforced separation into a developing egoic or self-possessed life that is itself separative.

There isn’t anything complex about you or anybody else in the whole world. Everybody has done the same thing; on the basis of the vulnerability in the infantile situation when they were moving into incarnation, everyone developed a reactive pattern and presumption that essentially amounted to not being responsible for love, or feeling-attention, and through various games always looking for it to come to them. Everybody in the whole world is doing that, that is what anybody is doing unless they are understanding it, being responsible for it and entering into the eternal incident that is spiritually communicated to them in this moment.
That is the only way you can do something different than everybody else in the world, and there is no magical release from the past, there is only responsibility for it. Once you become responsible for it and adapt to the eternal incident in the moment, then the past starts becoming obsolete because you are adapting in a new way. The reason it hasn’t changed yet, even though you’ve thought about your life for years, is that you haven’t adapted differently.

–Adi Da Samraj, The Ruchira Avatar

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