The Promise of Sahaja Samadhi

In Sahaj Samadhi there is a great and transcendental yoga that is not described in the traditional texts. It is the yoga of Amrita Nadi, in which everything arising is recognized to be only modification of the prior Condition of your apparent condition. Everything arising is without force, unnecessary.

If you persist in that meditation or realization in every moment, the limiting or binding force of existence at every level is lost, and you are brought into a transcendental meditation that is the Radiance of the Infinite Being itself. This meditation is projected infinitely, absolutely, far beyond what is seen and heard subtly, far beyond all that is felt.

Thus, there is a kind of ascent native to Sahaj Samadhi, because all phenomena, gross, subtle, and causal, are unnecessary, not because they do not arise – they appear in the conventional way – but because they have no necessity. They do not impinge upon you. They do not have any implication or logic that binds you to being an anything, a soul, a person, a consciousness, a separate phenomenon or being.

In that Realization there is only the absolute projection or Radiance of the Heart felt relative to this gross body as the projected line of conscious Light that moves out of the Heart, far beyond the crown, far beyond subtle phenomena.

–Adi Da Samraj, from The Way That I Teach

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