Six Is Still Bondage
I have criticized the orientation of the philosophical discipline of the sixth stage as it is proposed in the traditions of Advaita Vedanta and certain schools of Buddhism because it is associated with a samadhi that is not identical to Ultimate Realization or Enlightenment but rather is limited to absorption in or exclusive identification with the internal self-Essence, the essential quality of conscious being over against or independent of phenomena.
The self-Essence is not the ultimate Realization. Its realization cannot be called “Self-Realization,” even though it is sometimes confused with Self-Realization. True Self-Realization is Realization of the Divine Self or the Transcendental Being. It is the Realization of the equation between atman and Brahman or Paramatman. The essential self is the atman. To identify with the atman is not to Realize the Divine Self or Truth. It is only when the atman is transcended, or Realized in ecstasy to be identical to Brahman, that there is Divine Self-Realization.
–Adi Da Samraj,  The Bodily Location of Happiness, page 218

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