Tribal Speeches Perpetuate Illusion

Even the most seriously concerned of people make use of the method of creating tribal councils in which everyone gives their speeches. To imagine that this method will result in the rightening of humankind is a fantasy. Indeed, it is worse than a fantasy, because human beings are thereby making themselves dependent on the powers of separateness and separativeness in the already failed world.

People trust that their leaders are going to do something about what is wrong in the world, but the leaders are not in a position to do anything fundamental about what is wrong. All the leaders can do is enforce the already-presumed separateness between tribal groups and continue the conflicts between those groups. 
There must be the immediate emergence of the power of non-separateness-through a forum in which people can participate without name-tags, slogans, placards, or tribal interests (whether national, religious, or local), and simply take charge of the total and comprehensive world-process of human beings. In effect, global industrialization and global intercommunication must now (and forever hereafter) be demonstrated by globally-presumed prior unity, non-“difference”, and non-separativeness.

–Adi Da Samraj, The Ruchira Avatar


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