The Weaver’s Pathway

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: [For Me] there is utter Transcendence, and there is coincidence with the terrible suffering of mankind, and a direct Knowing of everything without any armoring. I cannot merely turn off the switch and then you are all relieved of your destiny. I can guide you. I can lead you into Communion with Me and in the process of Realization. I can effect things.
But this persistent procedure that is set in motion and reset over and over again by everyone — by all kinds of things in the natural domain set in motion, by every individual moment to moment, you see — it is a vast natural force. Its complications are innumerable. I am effective in it at a Glance and at Work in some manner that is effective in this domain. But on the other hand, it is also, in many of its fundamental aspects, still happening just as it is being caused — not by Me, but by you all, by the patterned patterning. If you see it all as a giant carpet woven, I have Interfered with it. I have made it slightly imperfect, and established the weaver’s pathway, the way out.
In the traditions of carpet weaving in the Middle East, they do not make the pattern perfect. They make it a little off in some respect, a little different in some areas than others, just so that it is not imitating God, not blasphemous, not going to catch them in being presumptuous, or sinful. This is their way out. This is how they don’t get trapped, keep from getting trapped in the pattern, symbolically, in the carpet-weaving trade or art. If it is made perfect, it is a self-enclosure.

In the American Indian traditions especially, they put in what is called the “weaver’s pathway”. They complete the carpet, but they make sure there is white line that leads from the center of the pattern out to the side, so they don’t get trapped in it, having made the carpet, you see. It is how they get out of the pattern.
In some traditions, you make it imperfect. That is your way out — you make a weaver’s pathway. Even in making carpets, people have to be clever to avoid the entrapment they make for themselves.
While you are all doing what you do constantly, I am working in the midst of it and effecting it as I do. Yet, it is still something to be transcended. This is not utopia. I can’t make it utopia. It does not have that potential. That is not what it is about.

What is it about? It is what you make it to be about. You can live it in the patterns of convention and familiarity and bondage and wrap yourself up in the pattern of your own weave, self-satisfied, and totally independent, as if perfect, perfect somehow, by being completely independent of everything and everyone, not part of a massive universal weave.

[Avatar Adi Da points at a pathway “in the air”] Follow Me. Be drawn to Me, Liberated from your confinement to the pattern, the weave of self-contraction, and Realize That Which Transcends this seeming. It seems to depend on something that is really nothing but an illusion. It is your own rug, and that is what I am pulling out from under you. You keep weaving. I keep pulling. Sometimes you fall on your head — so fall on your head by turning to Me, head to the floor.
–Adi Da Samraj,  Samrajashram,  29 October, 2004
–edited by Beezone

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