Translation Shatters The Body Mind

The non-necessity of conditional existence is the basis of the seventh stage Demonstration.  It is “Brightening” to the point of Outshining. It is the Demonstration of Conscious Light.  It is the Divine demonstration of the non-necessity of the world.  It is Translation into the Divine Domain—not by leaving the conditional domain, but by Outshining it.  These are words suggestive of something that maybe conveys meaning to you, somehow.  But what I am Uttering is itself a Direct Revelation of a real and most profound Divine Reality.  Not a theory.  Not merely a philosophy.  

The Event at Lopez Island in particular—even though there are characteristics otherwise in the Lifetime of this Body that have similar relevance or force to them—nonetheless, there is a certain uniqueness to the Event at Lopez Island.  It was the event of Divine Translation, and yet, I am still here.  To all appearances, I am still alive here, apparently speaking, able to speak of It.  So that I can speak of the entire Process, having done It, manifested It, demonstrated It.  And I can account for It because I Know It, not because I am philosophizing about Its possibility.  

The Lopez Island Event is a Great Divine Event and unique altogether.  Unique for one reason that I survived It—in some sense.  Not as an ordinary man, not in an ordinary form, except appearing still bodily here in a non-ordinary State, able to confirm to you for your sake that It is so.  It is not a myth.  It is not an illusion. It’s not the result of brain phenomena.  It is not a hallucination.  It is not a maybe.  It is not a philosophy.  It is not something merely to believe.  I can confirm it to you.  You must likewise Realize and prove It is So in your experience.  But I am giving you My Word that it is So, for your sake.  And you will see it proven if you live the Way as I have Given it to you.  That is its ultimate proof, not simply My Saying it.  But My Saying it has import—Great Import, accounting for something never accounted for, before or otherwise, and confirming to you that the Way is Real, and what it is exactly, and what its characteristics and stages are, and what is not it.  

So the Event at Lopez Island was more than a body can bear.  It was literal death.  It wasn’t survived—in some sense, wasn’t survived.  It is not possibly to survive It.  Certainly, you don’t know why It wouldn’t be survivable, because It is not in your experience, but It could not possibly be endured.  It shatters the body-mind.  It destroys its foundation of existence.  It is all-consuming.  It was Outshined.  There is no body-mind.  Yet there is this report, this confirmation.  

It is a Divine Grace, this continuation, and it has made this Vehicle, this Agent here, this Body, full in Its unique preparedness to serve the purpose It must serve forever.  It will, of course, in due time, pass, as a natural phenomenon.  But It will always be established in the sight of living beings forever—and retained by various means forever in Murti Form—as this Utterly Translated, Transparent, Divine Manifestation of the Divine “Bright” Reality.  So it is that Doorway.  It is that Reality.  It is that Person.  I confess this to you and you must Realize It through your tacit response and turning to Me, and prove It by your sadhana.  In the course of your sadhana, prove It.  Not just believe It, prove It. 

–Adi Da Samraj, Samrajashram, 12 October, 2004

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