Prophetic Fire or Signal of a New Age?
These are the worst of times. The Truth and its Way are inconceivable to the usual man, and all the media of daily life propagandize for a vulgar, subhuman world. Even the “peace” men seek is only a kind of uninspired political ordering of the lower man, and it is not founded on the spiritual transcendence of experience. It is not merely that the Truth has not been communicated. Even when it is communicated, it is not accepted. The Truth is unacceptable in this time and place.
These are the most sinister times. Every thing and every one is suspect. And what men suspect above all is God. The Truth is not merely unspoken. The Truth is suspect. The Truth itself is in doubt, even when the Truth is obvious, and identical to God. Doubt, fear, unlove, and sophisticated denials of God are the official disposition of mankind.

We are all such children, so afraid, so obsessed with ourselves. Our common strategies are such a bizarre circuit of repetitive revolutions, phasing within the motion of ourselves, as if constructing a sinister plot in which to murder the God of Life. We would permanently betray our own Help for the sake of petty advantage in a household argument. Even those who come to me work their way around and between the forces of the Argument of God, casually avoiding the commission of surrender and unconsoled love. And law and custom seem constantly to conspire to make even the act of breathing into a social complication. Every man and woman is threatened by death in every moment, because we threaten one another, each in the animal of his choice. Like sordid links in an unconscious food-chain, the ancient Nature throbs us still.

The news is not good. The years that lie ahead in our common history will likely be among the most painful and suppressive in our experience. All because we are not yet Man. Therefore, let the Teaching of Truth be communicated into the future. Let those who are free to abandon the ordinary theatre of things prepare themselves, practice, and come to me from time to time. But this is no time to expect the great Transformation of mankind. It will not come until mankind has learned the Sacrifice of Man.

The Realization of Truth restores the heart to love and even humor, without irony. But love must also weep. I see the signs of great world conflict still ahead of us. It is not inevitable, but it is likely, unless Enlightened people grow in numbers and accept responsibility for the daily world. Childish revolutionaries and parentlike Machines of State continue to conspire to enforce order by means of chaos. Since there are as yet no nations made of responsible men, there are no nations of free men. Therefore, freedom will only arise after a long time of terrible and wonderful struggling.
In the future, less childish men will always try to create a more benign politics. But Earth is a school, not a place of perfection. Even into the future, it is likely only a few in every generation will respond to the Divine Teaching. Perhaps it will always be so-or at least for decades, or millions of years.

Therefore, let those who hear me cherish the Truth and its Way. Let them find sanctuary, a hidden place or room, or let them practice the body in God without attracting the angular notice of the world. Let them find a way to preserve the Teaching and the Way of Life, even through the coming and ungraceful Age. Let them yield to the Life, and go to God, free of all that is yet to come.
–Adi Da Samraj, from Enlightenment of the Whole Body, 1978

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