“Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace” is the Great Alternative to the egoic path of inevitable universal destruction — and, therefore, that moral Law must become a universally accepted (and expected) moral and practical “self”-discipline.
Through the universal application of this great moral Law, the gathering of the Earth-wandering peoples of the world can feel their real strength and prior unity (or inherent connectedness to one another) — and their collective power to transform the “usual” (or “real”) politics of egoity, and so actually create and maintain human peace in the natural world.
Everyone should become positively disposed to the establishment of a real and true global cooperative human community — because that global cooperative human community is not merely a “utopian ideal”, but a practical and actually realizable necessity for the physical survival and the natural well-being of humankind and even all of Earthkind.
–Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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