An Address to the Annual Meeting of T.I.P.S.S.

(Transnational Intergalactic Primal Society of Somnambulists)
an excerpt from Drifted in the Deeper Land

by Adi Da Samraj
Having been up late for many nights of the past month, the devotees gathering with Adi Da Samraj are having difficulty staying awake.  Finally, the collective nodding off has become almost comic—no one is staying awake long enough for Adi Da to conduct a coherent “consideration”.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:  Is this the annual meeting of the National Lampoon Somnambulist Society? [laughter]

You all indulge in state-of-the-art somnambulism, sleepwalking, and you’re having your annual meeting to discuss advances in your profession and especially the merchandising of it.  Hm?  You’re basically a group that is in favor of increasing the numbers of hours people spend sleeping daily, practicing this, using various aids that the Society provides, until the ultimate goal is achieved, of remaining at all times in the sleep state, and never again having to be bothered by waking, or even dreaming.

Well, it would be an interesting twist on it all, wouldn’t it? Just as sellable as anything else, really.

Adi Da adopts the tone of the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Society:

“The problem is the absurd illusions of this extension of the deep-sleep state (which should be the perpetual state).  It becomes aberrated in two potential ways:  one associated with the presumptions at the point of discriminative intelligence and the will (in other words, associated with the waking state), and, two, the field or conjunction (subtler, but also sometimes seeming more arbitrary) associated with what we call the dream state.  These aberrations are filled with potential difficulties of all kinds, and always a threat.  The Society feels there’s just so much on the negative side relative to this thing that, on the whole, the Society cannot recommend either the waking state }or the dreaming state, until further notice.

“So the members of our Society help one another to achieve a state of maximum sleep-time per day (and per year) and hope to achieve a state of unbroken sleep before death.

“After all, it’s not in the sleep mode that you have any problem about death.  It’s only in the waking and dreaming modes.  So you see how defective they are.  They are aberrations on the ground of the deep-sleep state, the state prior to body and mind, but not well done enough yet to be worth a gentleman’s or gentlewoman’s participation.  We cannot recommend it to the members and associates of our Society, all who are gentlemen and gentlewomen of discrete ‘consideration’.

“Your representatives have gathered, and the various committees have submitted their reports.  In summary, once again, we must say that the Society cannot recommend participation in either the waking or dreaming states, for any of its members or associates.  All members and associates may do what they will with this advice. Those who would like assistance in magnification, maximization, and ultimate totalization of the sleep-referent may call the following number.  You will simply have to wait for someone to respond.  If no one is wake at the moment, you’ll be of two minds about it:  You’ll be very happy for them, of course, but wish you had their service which now, in their sleep condition, they will be unable to offer you.”

When the laughter dies down, Adi Da speaks in His usual voice again.
Maybe there are such bodhisattvic, Mahayana-style somnambulists, who oblige themselves to participate either in waking or dreaming (or both) for the sake of the Enlightenment of all, until that Enlightenment has occurred, in which case they will be the last to fall asleep, to permit that in themselves, having served all others in their pursuit of sleep.

The address is continued:

“It could also occur someday, that the committee, which is made of bodhisattvic “servants of the sleeping”, also known as the Somnambulist Society, may find evidence that does suggest that participation in either or both of the waking or the dreaming states may be recommended to members and associates of the Society.  This will not occur, of course, until conditions have improved profoundly.  And, until that time, of course, there are always those ready to participate, but the members and associates of our Society do not.  Or, at most, only minimally, if they take temporary vows to participate for the sake of all.  That’s considered worthy and a true sacrifice.

“All the members of the Society know from deep experience that }all participation in the waking and dreaming states is a very difficult business, because, as it turns out, although it always seems to have something to do with you, it never does.  Well, our Transnational—in fact, Intergalactic—Primal Society of Somnambulists… doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

Avatar Adi Da mimes falling asleep and snores very loudly. Devotees roar with laughter.

Well, this is a possible point of view.  I mean, I just stated it amusedly, but it can be felt to have some kind of logic about it.  Why not?

You all seem to feel obliged to feel obliged to participate in some sort of round of social enactment, and so on, without otherwise inspecting Reality, fundamentally, and are just going along with that more or less.

As I said, you participate in a process, a Reality,  that always seems to you to be about you, but it never turns out to be so.  It is never so upon inspection.  So it may not be far-fetched—this matter of coming to the conclusion that the deep-sleep state (or perhaps something even beyond it, but certainly nothing more superficial than it) is, generally speaking, gone far enough.  The rest of it cannot be recommended except to primitives.

Adi Da bursts out laughing briefly and then resumes the address:

“Members of our Society, who are from the more discriminating among beings, require satisfaction relative to their fundamental “considerations”.  Of course, as is always said of members of a society, it never turns out to be true of them, either.  Except, maybe now, for the truly genuine Society of Somnambulists, it is possible.”

Maybe the sleep state, or even something beyond it—but nothing more superficial than that, not dreaming or waking—is the state to be affirmed and entered more and more profoundly, leaving behind all waking and dreaming categories.  Not by destroying it from without—rather, by giving it great integrity from without—but, otherwise, by entering into the depth of the process.  Then, instead of existing    merely to fulfill a social pattern and so on, the fundamental process of your life will be in-depth.  You will not be confined to existence as a mere mummery of changes, pattern, and so forth, without integrity or ultimacy.

Well, what do you think about that notion?  Does it sound right-on to you?


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:  If it weren’t for your daily—or however frequent, usually daily—visits to the deep-sleep dimension, there would be no sense or meaning or positiveness at all about waking and dreaming.

DEVOTEES: Mm!  Right.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ:  And it’s not merely that sleeping allows you to refresh the body so you can bodily be more functional—it is necessary for much more important reasons, additionally, because it is the depth domain.  Without the automaticity of being refreshed by it—if sleep were not enforced—you might lose touch with it entirely.  Even though you can’t say anything about it that makes full and comprehensive sense, in your babble of words, nonetheless you do visit it profoundly for even as much as a third of your lifetime.  It is a dimension of comprehension of Reality.   It is the root of both waking and dreaming, so it is senior to them.  When you relax into the depth, in either waking or dreaming, you wind up sleeping.  It is the root-condition.

Deeper than sleep is That Which is to be Realized, That Which is Reality no matter what condition (waking, dreaming, or sleeping) apparently arises, and That Which is, when ultimately Realized, Realized to be the Condition of all that arises, whether or not it arises. And there’s no “you” about it at all.


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