“The Mystery of The God-Man In All Time”

An Excerpt from a Discourse
given on July 12, 1976,
by Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Gesture of the God-Man in human Form is an Instigation, a Suggestion, an Intrusion, in the midst of human life — Which Produces the Birth, in the form of those already born, of Its own Mastery.

You see how it occurs?
Probably not.
But that is how it occurs.

And it is never fully expressed, never acknowledged, until the disappearance of the apparent bodily Form of the Born One, or the God-Man.

The Birth, the Expression, the Appearance of the God-Man implies Its, His, Her own death, sacrifice, before there is any feeling at large for the Divine — because, as long as This apparently Born One Continues to Exist, the eyes turn inward, turning toward the center, toward the “cultic object”, or toward some “withinness” that has a focus.

It is only when the God-Man is dissolved in His or Her own bodily Appearance, is completely Gone in bodily Form, that the Expression That is knowable to men and women at large Communicates Itself, becomes knowable — only when the reflection turns outward and becomes Radiant.

And, so, you can see that the Birth of the God-Man implies the Sacrifice, or Death, of the God-Man — and That Sacrifice must occur quickly.

Such a One cannot live to be an old, old man or woman.
The God-Man Lives only as long as it takes to Prepare the being of devotees.

Oh, perhaps before that occurs, Such a One may begin to look old, to accumulate years.
And those who desire that apparently “objective” person may resist their Knowledge long enough that He (or She) may become old in years.

They may begin to become sensitive to the Teaching, to the Transforming Influence, only when it seems that “He has lived long enough” — and then He (or She) hurries to be dead.
This hurrying can begin very early in the Life of Such a One.

The bodily Disappearance of the God-Man can occur very early.
It can occur in the middle of life.
It can occur in the fifties, sixties, seventies of years.
It can occur very late in life.

The persistence of the bodily Presence of the God-Man depends entirely on the response of devotion.  But, when the preparation of devotees is sufficient — and this is not knowable to devotees themselves — it is then that This Appearance is Vanished, like a Magic Object Given to you in a devotional afternoon.

Thus, the Disappearance of the God-Man is Sudden.
Whenever It Occurs, It is Sudden.

Its Significance is that the Aura of His or Her Communication Moves through His or Her lovers, and through all His or Her Forms of Agency.

Then the entire process depends on the process of the gathering of devotees — who no longer have a center, in the case of the Death of the God-Man, but who have a Burden of Light.

They enjoy a Speed in them that they could not recollect or engage while the God-Man Lived.

— His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
 Om Sri Parama-Sapta-Na Sannyasin, The Ruchira Avatar,  Adi Da Samraj

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