The Primal Urge for Sanctuary


by Adi Da Samraj
ADI DA SAMRAJ: The principle of the relationship between the Spiritual Master and devotees is that he includes them in the field of his light. The literal physics of the physical universe is involved in that fundamental process. Through right relationship, the devotee enters into the aura, the field of energy, of the Spiritual Master. That field of energy works on the field of energy of the devotee, drawing it, through sympathy, into the same condition as the field of energy of the Spiritual Master. Before that absorption becomes complete, there is much that the devotee must learn, and much adapting and evolving he or she must do, until, at some point, he or she realizes permanently the same state as the Spiritual Master in the domain of energy. From that point the devotee does the same work that the Spiritual Master is doing bodily, which is to radiate the physical body to the point that it becomes energy.

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