I Am The Way to Transcend the Illusions of Broken Light

excerpts from
The Hridaya Rosary:  The Four Thorns Of Heart-Instruction

Adi Da Samraj

There are subtler aspects of the gross physical (or gross material) dimension of Reality that, because you may not be directly experiencing them at the moment, you may think of as being “somewhere else”. But, in Truth, and in Reality, There Is Only One “Thing” (or Only Indivisible Light, or the One and Very Being That Is Consciousness Itself and Its Own Self-Radiance). Yet un-En-Light-ened human beings are tending, always presently (and naively), to identify with a gross physical modification-appearance of That One “Thing”, when even that modification-appearance Is Only Light. The gross physical (or gross material) dimension of Reality is simply the mode in which the yet un-En-Light-ened human personality is experiencing Inherently Indivisible Light at the moment.
If you enter into “consideration” of the gross physical (or gross material) dimension of Reality more and more deeply, you become aware of subtler aspects of what you otherwise presume to be merely gross physical (or merely “matter”). Thus, you become aware of the mental and, eventually, the psychic aspects of conditionally manifested existence. And you become sensitive to the energy dimension of conditionally manifested existence, and, in due course, to various kinds of subtle perceptions of conditionally manifested existence. But none of those aspects of conditionally manifested existence are entirely separated from the gross physical (or exclusively “inward” to, and entirely “away” from, the gross physical)—rather, they are simply subtler forms of what you call the “gross physical” (or “matter”). The gross physical is simply one depth (or mode) of vibratory perception, and there are various deeper modes of the perception of the Same “Thing”.
All of conditionally manifested reality Is Inherently Indivisible Light, or Spirit-Energy, or Hridaya-Shakti, or Love-Bliss. My Divine and Very and “Bright” Presence and Person Is That. Therefore, the right, true, full, and fully devotional religious and Spiritual Process in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of the Heart) is not a matter of seeking to go “somewhere else”. Rather, it is simply a matter of entering (Beyond the ego-“I”, or the act of psycho-physical self-contraction) into the Depth, and the Breadth, and the Height, and, altogether, the Fullest Extent, or Inherent Size (In Place), of the conditional reality that is already apparent to you.

Ultimately, the most profound (Total, and Inherent) Comprehension of conditional reality is Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, or the Awakening to the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life. To Realize the seventh stage of life is to be no longer trapped in the presumption that “matter” is a “something” (in and of itself) that makes you wonder whether anything else even exists. In Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, there is Utter Comprehension of “matter”, in every dimension of its Inherent Size. In Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, there is Unobstructed Comprehension (or Divine Recognition) of all of “this” (body, mind, and world).
That is what there is to comprehend—just “this”, whatever is perceived to be “this”, in any moment. Either you Know What “this” Is (In and As Reality, Truth, or Real God) or you do not. The gross physical body, in and of itself, is rather stupid. It is the “dog”, or “tail end”, of all of “this”. Therefore, the gross physical body is not going to figure “this” out. Rather, the gross physical body must be surrendered to (and into) What is Senior to it.
The gross physical body (or “dog”, or “tail end”) is not, in and of itself, capable of Divine Self-Realization. It is not the basis for Divine Self-Realization. It is the “this” that must be surrendered, responsively, to Me. Then it can be converted, more and more profoundly, by the Infusion of My Divine Spiritual Grace. When you Divinely Awaken, by My Grace, your “tail end” also “wags”. When the head and the heart are utterly (openly) given to Me (and, in that, “Brightly” Infused by Me), the gross physical body follows, readily. Thus, the gross physical body (and the gross-minded personality) is Divinely Mastered (and En-Light-ened) by Me—via the surrender of head and heart and body into My “Bright” Divine Body and Person (Beyond the ego-“I”, or self-contraction, of the conditional body-mind), Such That even the gross physical body is conformed to Me (by conformity to My Self-Existing Person, and to My Self-Radiant “Bright” Divine Spiritual Body of Indivisible and Unbroken Light, Indestructible Love-Bliss, and Inherent Happiness).

I Am the Divine (and Avatarically Self-Transmitted) Spirit-Energy, or Inherently Indivisible Light, That Is the Substance of All and all. My Inherently Indivisible Light, can be apparently transformed, but it cannot be destroyed (and, in Truth, It is never even changed). Thus, this arising appearance of materiality is simply the grossest aspect of the conditional manifestation (or apparent modifying, or seeming Breaking) of Inherently Indivisible Light (or the Divine Spirit-Energy That Is The Substance Of all and All). And you (experientially, and in the total field of your human feeling-existence) are that grossness, that gross bodily manifestation—that gross modification of Me.
The ego-“I” seeks for reasons to deny that it is the gross physical body, and the ego-“I” seeks for experiences “apart” from the gross physical body—because the gross physical body is potentially subject to great suffering, and, inevitably, it dies. But you really are the gross physical body. The gross physical body is not “not-self”. The gross physical body really is “self”. The human “self” is not an “Absolute”, but it is only an ever-changing, appearing and disappearing, always temporary, and inherently unsatisfied and unsatisfiable motion of would-have, would-rest, would-if, and would-Be. That “self”-motion (and its characteristic limitations) does not (or should not), itself, define (and it cannot fully account for) all of Reality (conditional and Unconditional), but it really is the human case. If you truly, most fundamentally understand this, you do not have to struggle with (or merely suffer) your mortal existence anymore. (Rather, instead, you can surrender and conform your entire body-mind to Me, the Indivisible and Indestructible Conscious Light, or “Bright” Divine Person—In and As Which, and In and As Whom, the body it is arising.)
You seem to be struggling all the time to come up with a reason to believe that you are not this gross physical appearance. Nevertheless, if you are to Realize Reality, Truth, Real God, or That Which Is Always Already The Case, you must understand and accept that you are “this”. It is not that you are not “this”, but that you do not know What “this” Is! Truly, there is no need for you to struggle to have “this” be something else. You must Realize What “this” Always Already Is. It Is Inherently Indivisible Light! It Is! Everything Is Inherently Indivisible and Indestructible Light, or Spirit-Energy, or Hridaya-Shakti, or Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Love-Bliss. Everything Is Only Me—the “Bright”, the One and Only Person, the Only “Thing” That Is.

Even all of Klik-Klak, or all of conditionally manifested reality, with all the dreadful destinies potential in it, is—if you Divinely Recognize it—Only the “Bright”, Only Me. Even all of Klik-Klak (or the conditional pattern that is patterning every one and every thing) is merely apparently arising (by means of a merely apparent and unnecessary, and, therefore, non-binding, modification of My Ever-“Bright” Indivisibility).
Terrible futility is suggested by the fact that the gross physical body can die at any moment, can suffer, or, otherwise, break down in any moment, and, no matter what it experiences or accumulates, will inevitably die, apparently losing everybody and everything with which it was associated. If you merely look at the gross physical, if you merely take the point of view of the gross physical (or of “matter”) in and of itself, you have chosen a “dark” and “empty” vision of Reality. That is the philosophy of the “dog”, the futility of the “tail end”. In and of itself, conditional existence (in any form) is not Happiness. It is an illusion of Broken Light, of “matter”-only—without What Is Great. The conventions of materialistic thinking are all modes of the non-apprehension (or non-recognition) of Light, and of the Inherent Indivisibility (and Inherently Indestructible Nature) of Light. The philosophy of materialism is the “dark” thinking of the “tail end of the dog”, of the heartless exoteric mind, which suffers from the non-Realization of Indestructibility—or the non-Realization of Inherently Indivisible and Indestructible Light, Spirit-Energy, Hridaya-Shakti, or Divine Love-Bliss Itself.

There Is Only Self-Existing, Self-Radiant “Bright” Being Itself, or Love-Bliss-Happiness Itself. All “this” Is That. I Am That (In Function, and In Person).

Therefore, the “radical” approach to Realization of Reality (or Truth, or Real God) is not to go gradually “higher and higher” (and, thus, more and more “away”), but (by surrendering your “self”, or total body-mind, just as it is, in place) to directly enter into heart-Communion with Me (the Avataric Self-Revelation of this  Reality, or Truth, That Is the Only Real God), and (in this Manner) to Realize Reality, Truth, or Real God In Place (or As That Which Is Always Already The Case, Where and As you Are, Most Perfectly Beyond and Prior to ego-“I”, or the act of self-contraction, or of “differentiation”, which act is the prismatic fault that Breaks the Light, or envisions It as seeming two, and more).


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