The Ultimate Esoteric Avataric Secrets:
The Regeneration of Atma Nadi, Part One

fromAtma Nadi Shakti Yoga“, Sutras 21 & 47

by His Divine Presence, Parama Sapta Na Adi Da Samraj, Perfect Bhagavan

  • As I indicated to Baba Muktananda (in Our Meetings in 1970 and 1973), the “Regenerated” Form of Atma Nadi is Rooted in Consciousness Itself–“Located” Beyond the right side of the bodily apparent heart, which is (itself) merely the Self-Evident Seat (or Doorway) of the direct “Locating” of Perfectly Subjective (and Intrinsically egoless) Consciousness, Itself (or, the Self-Existing Tacit Self-Apprehension of Being, Itself, Prior to attention, itself.
  • That (“Regenerated” Form of Atma Nadi) is “Brightly” Extended to the “Maha-Bindu” (Which is Infinitely Ascended, Above and Beyond the Sahasrar), and to the “Midnight Sun” (Which Is My Divine Self-Domain, the Non-“different” Sphere of the “Bright” Itself, Always Already Beyond, or Prior to–and Always Already More than Above–the body-mind-“self” and the cosmic domain).
  • Seventh stage Divine Self-Realization Intrinsically Transcends both the conditional (or psycho-physical) Vertical apparatus of the brain (or of the Sahasrar, Which is the conditional Seat of Realization proposed in the fifth stage traditions of mystical absorption) and the conditional (or psycho-physical) Horizontal apparatus of the heart (or, in particular, of the right side of the bodily apparent heart–which is the conditional Seat of Realization proposed by Ramana Maharshi , and, usually in a more generalized manner within the sixth stage traditions of Transcendental practice).
  • Atma Nadi–in Its “Regenerated ” Form–is not merely a “line” of “conductivity” in the body. 
  • Rather, Atma Nadi–in Its “Regenerated ” Form–Is the Fundamental Condition.

  • Atma Nadi can be seen with reference to the body, but It has (Itself) nothing to do with the body or with the cosmic domain.

  • Atma Nadi Is the “Bright”.
  • In due course, Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga Manifests As the seventh stage Self-Awakening to 
Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon  Part 7, pages 405 & 433

There Is an Eternal Sun Over-head. It Is a Reflection of the Light in Which you Inhere. To see It is to be outside It. There is no option but to Be It. What is there to Be? Exactly That.

– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1697

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