A Life of Perpetual Re-Imagining
 from The Aletheon, part IX “The Reality-Practice”

  • It is only in the imagination that “ego-in-the-world” exists
  •  The separate “self” is simply a “thing” presumed and entertained in mind.
  • Ego is an imagined “objectified” persona. 
  •  The “self”-image (and the entire drama) of ego is something conceived and believed in mind only, including the minds of apparent “others” who are likewise imagining.
  • Therefore, the life of the separate “self” is literally an illusion–but the ego-based human being constantly lives in that illusion, constantly re-imagines that illusion, and constantly furthers that illusion in imagination, supported by desire-energy.
  • The mutual association between human beings is association between imagining minds–re-imagining one another, and being imagined by one another–each so-called “individual” perpetually re-imagining itself through mental reflections.
    • The Reality of existence is something else entirely. The Actual Situation–the True Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State– Is Perfectly Prior, Non-Separate, Indivisible, Self-Existing, and Self-Radiant.
    • That is the Real Condition.  That Real Condition is Self-Evident–and That Real Condition can be Intrinsically and intuitively Self-“Located”.
    • The Realization of That Real Condition is a Transcendental Spiritual matter–but the Nature of Reality, the Real Nature of existence, can, in any moment, be intuitively noticed by anyone.
      –Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 1014

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