The Brain Is a Locked Door
In Reality, the brain is simply a barrier, or a limit–a structure of limitation that functions, essentially, as a locked door.  
And that door must be unlocked–by Means of the Real Transcendental Spiritual Process.  
Part of what the enterprise of scientific materialism is doing is keeping the brain-door locked tight (and always guarding it), because scientific materialism is based on the absolutization of the notion of “point-of-view”–and consequently the absolutization of the presumption of separateness (and gross “realism”).
Scientific materialism (or science based on a materialistic prejudice) tends always to de-sacralize and desecrate its subject of materialistically biased enquiry.  
The “sacred” and the “holy” are, from the “point-of-view” of scientific materialism, to be made entirely subject (and subordinate) to grossly prejudiced secular enquiry, without regard for the otherwise “sacred” or “holy” status of the “subject in question”.
Thus, for example, in the view of scientific materialism, meditation is not about “God”, not about super-normal events, not about the transcending of mind, and brain, and body, and gross materiality.  
In the view of scientific materialism, meditation is merely about the brain.  
Therefore, in the view of scientific materialism, meditation cannot conceivably be about anything but changing your efficiency of functioning (in brain and body), and (thereby) making you more amenable to social life and gross material productivity.
However, in Reality, the brain is not separate. Reality altogether Is Non-separate and Indivisible.
Like everything else, brains are participating in Reality Itself–and are, therefore, not separate.
–Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 1764

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