It is not possible to “picture” (or otherwise exactly and comprehensively conceive in mind) The Infinite and Indivisible Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.  

Therefore, there cannot be a true “theory of everything”

Reality Itself is not multiplied (or ever stood parallel to Itself)–but “It” Is One and Indivisible.

Reality Itself is neither certain nor uncertain relative to conventional “knowledge”, but, rather, Reality Itself has nothing to do with conventional “knowledge” (or “point-of-view”, or attention, or ego-“I”, or space-time-“locatedness” of any kind).
Reality Itself Is The Simultaneous and Indivisible Totality of Everything-all-at-once–Which Is Perfectly and Always Already Prior to “point-of-view” (and space-time itself), and Which Is Non-separate and Non-conditional Conscious Light, Perfectly (and Always Already) Prior to all apparent and (otherwise) possible differences.
Reality Itself Is The Intrinsically Certain Identity-Principle of Self-Existence–or The Intrinsic Self-Apprehension of Self-Existence and Self-Radiance As Reality Itself and As One and Indivisible Conscious Light Itself.

Reality Itself Is Only Perfect Certainty–or Intrinsic and Self-Evident Self-Certainty (or egoless Self-Apprehension) That Is “Perfect Knowledge” Only.

–Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 1183

(Images from CERN particle accelerator site.)


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