The Lion Sutra of the Ruchira Avatar
Part One:  Sutras 491-508

 Sutra 491.

All “objects” Evoke wanting need, Always Anticipating gain.

Sutra 492.

Wanting need Provokes Seeking. 
Sutra 493.

Seeking becomes aggressive anger, failing even before it fails.

Sutra 494.

Seeking is anger is “self”-inflicted pain. 

Sutra 495.

Be Always (Rightly, Truly, and Fully) Devoted To Me–and (Thereby) Observe, and Understand:

All “others” Evoke Seeking-desire, Always Anticipating Eventual Release From Seeking-

desire itself. 

Sutra 496.

Seeking-desire Always Provokes Both attachment and avoidance–Simultaneously.
Sutra 497.

Attachment and avoidance become sorrow–Inevitably.

Sutra 498.

Seeking is sorrow is the Illusion of emptiness.

Sutra 499.

Be Always (Rightly, Truly, and Fully) Devoted To Me–and (Thereby) Observe, and 


All “things” Evoke Wonder–How Being Seems a Pair with changes.
Sutra 500.

Wonder Provokes bewilderment, and also “knowledge” of the “things” of bewilderment 


Sutra 501

 Bewilderment and “knowledge” Always Seek to become separated from fear.

Sutra 502

Fear itself is the Visionary Mood of separateness.

Sutra 503

Separateness, emptiness, and pain are the Constant Complaint, the Un-Breakable Habit, 

and the Inevitable Destiny of the body-mind-“self”.

Sutra 504

Therefore, whatever and all that conditionally arises also Inevitably and Inherently Afflicts.
Sutra 505

 To Truly “Radically” Understand Is To Stop Resisting This Understanding.

Sutra 506

No “object” is Worthy of wanting need. 

Sutra 507

No Search is Fruitful.
Sutra 508
No pain is Necessary.
–Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 1473


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