Essay Excerpt from
The Gnosticon

In the Spirit of Buddhism
His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Editors’ note: The following is an updated version of the Essay
originally published in The Laughing Man, Volume 1, Number 2, 1976.
The “waking world” is not a “place”, an “earth”, but a realm, just as the dimension into which you enter in dreams is a realm.
It is not fixed, like a moon or any “object”, but it is fluid.
It is operative as a “play” of possibility, rather than fixed destiny.
And its conditions in every moment arise not merely according to physical laws, but psycho-physical laws.
The universes in which Earth appears are a psycho-physical system, not a mere physical (or material) one.
The same “world” (or realm) in others of its aspects, is also seen in dreams and sleeping.
This view is ancient, and must be tested.
It is native to humankind and makes the human being wonder, fear, seek, and hide.
The human being represents only a limited realization of the psycho-physical scheme of appearances.
The more psychic (or conscious) a person becomes, the more he or she sees the “world” as a psychic (or conscious) process.
It is not only the human being that is a psycho-physical process.
The “world” is also.
True “Knowledge” begins only when one begins to operate from this profound premise.
// Om Sri Ati-Buddha-Avatar Adi Da //

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