Nondual Divine Self Realization

Divine Self Realization is Freedom from the duality of the conditionally manifested illusion of a world independent of That Which Is One.

To Realize That Which Is One is to Divinely Self Recognize that which is apparently two, and, ultimately, to Outshine it.

This was the Argument I presented to Baba Muktananda.

He used arguments associated with the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism: “You yourself are Siva, or the Divine Principle, and everything is the Divine Principle” — meaning everything in and as itself is the Divine Principle.

On the basis of such a view, “playing” in the world could be justified. Being attracted to this, that, and the other thing — and even defining subtle objects as being the Truth — was the sign of His philosophy.

What I was Arguing is that there is Only the One to be Realized, Prior to all conditions.
If That is most perfectly Established, or Realized, then conditions are Divinely Self Recognized. To say that conditions are (in and of themselves) Divine is not the Divine Self Recognition That I Declare.

In the Divine Self Recognition I Declare, conditions are transcended and (ultimately) Outshined.

In the recognition Baba Muktananda declared, using the language of Kashmir Shaivism, objects are presumed to be Divine. And, thus, objects remain motivators. Therefore, Baba Muktananda justified the field of “two”, not the field of One.

My exchange with Baba Muktananda was a profound philosophical confrontation that had to do with Truth. He stood for His traditional position, and I had no choice but to stand for My Avataric Position.

That Conversation was a profoundly serious matter, which I undertook formally. It was a very traditional exchange, in fact — ultimately, it was a confrontation of Teachers.

The traditions are filled with these kinds of debates, and the occasion on which I addressed questions to Baba Muktananda should be appreciated as a great confrontation in those terms.

It was about a very fundamental and profound issue that cuts to the core of popular illusions.

The Way of Adidam that I have Revealed is a unique Way. It has unique characteristics as a philosophical presentation relative to the matter of Reality and Truth. My relationship with Baba Muktananda is one of the means to illustrate the distinction.

— Adi Da Samraj,  January 15, 2005


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