The Ultimate Esoteric Avataric Secrets:
The Midnight Sun, Part Four

From “The Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Adidam Ruchiradam”
by His Divine Presence, Parama Sapta Na Adi Da Samraj, Perfect Bhagavan

  • The whirring dark machine of klik-klak–or the black machine, the patterning of conditional existence–is terrible, inherently without fixity, without discreteness of form. To focus on the whirring black itself is like embracing a shredding machine.  The dreadful “Hum” of cosmic illusions is not an “Om” at all.
  • There is no Divine “Om”-Sound (or “Da”-Sound) where there is “difference”.  The blackness is the “pond” of “difference”.  And, yet, There Is Only Self-“Bright” Love-Bliss.  In Divine Translation, there are no shadows in the “Brightness” anymore.
  • The first six stages of life consist of everything (gross, subtle and causal) that corresponds to the total (hierarchically structured) human anatomy. The Most Perfect Realization of Reality Itself Is Realization of the Perfectly Subjective Condition Beyond and Prior to the first six stages of life (or Beyond and Prior to the “great path of return”).
  • Thus, it is only in the context of the body-mind-complex that the Cosmic Mandala may be seen–because the Cosmic Mandala is a visionary display of the gross and subtle realms, made visible by the functioning of the (causal) mechanism of attention. In that vision, the Divine Source is perceived in the form of the Brilliant Clear White Five-Pointed Star in the Center.  But the Divine Star is not the Fundamental Source-Vision of Reality Itself.
  • The Cosmic Mandala is a cosmic vision of gross and subtle planes and conditions–from the causal “position” of presumed separateness.  The Source-Vision Is Beyond and Prior to the cosmic vision, Beyond and Prior to “point-of-view” of the body-mind-“self”–and That Source-Vision is seen as a Forever-Risen Sun in a High-Sky “Point”, Clear in view in a black sky.
  • That Eternal “Midnight Sun” Is the Source-Light of the “world”.  But it is only a Vision. It is “Objectified”.  When That Vision is entered into without any “shoes” at all–without anything held on to, in a disposition that is not based on any conditions (gross, subtle or causal) at all–then the True Nature of the Divine Self-“Brightness” Is Most Perfectly Realized.
  • And, until That True Nature is Most Perfectly Realized, it is appropriate for That Vision to be seen as the face of “Narcissus”.
  • Until That Most Perfect Realization, the White Sphere in the black is the face in the pond.
– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1689

There Is an Eternal Sun Over-head. It Is a Reflection of the Light in Which you Inhere. To see It is to be outside It. There is no option but to Be It. What is there to Be? Exactly That.

– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1697


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