The Visible Horse You Cannot See

There should always be Siddhas among mankind. Siddhas give meaning to the universe. The universe is not a meaningless thing. But no generation, no being, no worlds deserve the appearance of the Divine Adept. Yet the Adepts appear in all generations of all beings. There are always Adepts in all the worlds. I know this because I have been in all of them. God is Great. But unfortunately for us, bullshit is greater. (Laughter.) That is why the appearance of the Adept does not impress people as it should. There are billions upon trillions of worlds in the visible universe that we can look upon in the night sky tonight where there are Adepts at this very moment. And all that is actually visible is the most infinitesimal fraction of the total universe of Nature in which God is active.

You have all chosen your appearance in the earth realm. You have shrunk yourselves upon the plane of God. Everyone. You are experiencing your own results. God has not designed your un-Happiness. You have done it. God is always Designing your Happiness in every generation.

Everyone hears the Truth. Everyone receives the Shock of God. Everyone. There is no being from the mosquito to Man who does not receive the Shock of Divine Intervention. All beings know it. All beings experience it. It is given to everyone. Grace is given to all beings eternally in all worlds, visible and invisible. This recognition is enough to make you a bhakta, a lover, a devotee. Faith, the Love-Response to Being Itself, is the greatest Force in all the worlds. It has ridden out my entire life. I am riding the Visible Horse you cannot see.

–Da Free John (Adi Da Samraj), December 17th, 1982


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