The Dawn Horse Vision

(from Adi Da Up Close Website)

Adi Da Samraj’s Dawn Horse Vision takes on a special significance after His Divine Mahasamadhi. Even as His human form departs, His devotees continue to watch — and actively serve — the manifestation of the Dawn Horse.
The Sacred Image of the Dawn Horse derives from a vision that Avatar Adi Da Samraj had one night during the spring of 1970, a few months before His Divine Re-Awakening. As His physical body lay sleeping, Avatar Adi Da wandered in subtle form into a high subtle realm, a heavenly world populated by Spiritual Adepts and other exalted beings. He found Himself at what was obviously a sacred academy and entered a main hall. Soon a number of students came in and stood in formal rows. It was clear they were there to attend a class to be given by a Spiritual Master. 
Then the expected Master entered the hall, and walked up a pathway between the rows of disciples. The great Adept wordlessly took His seat on a throne at the front of the hall. Avatar Adi Da was standing at the end of a row a few rows away from the Adept’s chair. 

The disciples were apparently assembled to learn the miraculous Yogic power of materializing something from nothing. They waited respectfully for the lesson to begin.

The Adept then initiated the process of materialization. After a time, although nothing had yet materialized, the Master’s disciples departed, apparently satisfied that the work was done. The Adept remained sitting in his chair, and Avatar Adi Da remained standing before him, attentive to the process at hand. Only the Adept and Avatar Adi Da remained in the hall. No word passed between them. The Adept continued to attend to the process of materialization.
Then gradually a vaporous shape arose before Adi Da’s eyes. At first, it was not clearly defined, but Avatar Adi Da recognized it, as it began to take on the features of a horse. Gradually, the vapor coalesced into a perfectly formed, living and breathing horse. Its features were as fine as a thoroughbred’s, but it was quite small, perhaps three feet tall, and it was brown. The horse stood alert, motionless, facing away from the Adept’s chair. All four hooves were firmly planted on the floor. The horse did not move, but it was obviously alert, breathing, and fully alive.
At this point, Avatar Adi Da returned to physical consciousness and the waking state. He did not at first fully understand this Vision. But He did immediately feel that it had great significance for His Life and Work.

It was after His Re-Awakening as the Divine Person (later that year, on September 10, 1970) that the import of His Vision became clear:

Over the next few months after the Great Event at the Vedanta Temple, it became clear to me exactly what had occurred in the Vision. This was not merely a Siddha [Adept] practicing the Yogic siddhi of manifesting something from nothing. This was the Divine Person being shown in a visionary way. The Vision displayed quite clearly the nature of creation, and the nature of the Divine Person’s connection to the created worlds. It all appears very solid like the horse, but actually it is a spontaneous creation, subject to a conscious process. At all times the visible worlds are utterly dependent, presently, on the Divine as their spontaneous and present Creator [or Source], not as the “creator” that “created” everything many billions of years ago. The Dawn Horse Vision is an archetype of the relationship between this world and the ultimate Divine. (April 30, 1974)

Many years later, Avatar Adi Da had more to say about the Dawn Horse Vision, including revealing the identity of the Adept:

I was at once the Adept who performed the miracle of manifesting the horse, and I was the one who was party to the observation of it and its result. And I did not have any feeling of being different from the horse itself. I was making the horse, I was observing the horse, and I was being the horse. (October 18, 1984)

The Dawn Horse was a sign of Avatar Adi Da as the Divine Person, taking form in and as the conditional universe. But this Vision was also a sign of the future manifestation of Adi Da’s own Work in the world. And so the Dawn Horse became a symbol for His Life and Work, and for the Coinciding of the Divine Reality and the conditional worlds.
Avatar Adi Da has commented that, like the Dawn Horse, the effects of His Liberating Work in the world will appear only gradually — just as, in the vision, the horse gradually became visible only some time after the Adept had initiated its materialization. 
He has also remarked on the essential role His devotees play in that manifestation:
Take My Divine Avataric Revelation-Word out to everyone. I want to see some results! Do your work for Me, serve Me, and let Me hear of it. I am here to transform humankind, not to gather only a handful of people around Me. I have come here for My Own. I am the Only Being for Whom every one is His Own. I want to see a change in humankind. I want to see a change in human history. I want to know that, like the invisible horse in My Dawn Horse Vision, that change is set in motion and is inevitable. I want the horse before Me, and that is up to you. I am not here to let My beloved, in all his and her forms, take on the size of death. I Am here to change history. Can you imagine that? What an amusing notion! I Am here in My physical human Lifetime to change the course of human history. . . . And now I am calling you on it. May all be Blessed. May it be easy. May hardly anyone notice there is anything difficult about it at all.

–Avatar Adi Da Samraj, December 30, 1983

eohippus, early horse
While Adi Da was writing what would be known as The Dawn Horse Testament, He saw a documentary on eohippus (meaning “dawn horse” in Greek), the smaller ancestor of today’s horse, He decided to name the horse of His Vision the “Dawn Horse”, and named The Dawn Horse Testament accordingly.

* * *

In creating the current Sacred Image of the Dawn Horse, Avatar Adi Da transformed His original vision of a small brown horse, with all four hooves planted on the ground:

into a winged white stallion, rearing up nearly vertically: 

The horse’s pose is majestic and intended to show great strength. White was chosen for its obvious association with the Divine Conscious Light. The Image is not precisely associated with the vision of 1970. It is visual language, intended to communicate the full meaning of My Dawn Horse Vision, rather than to be a realistic presentation of it.

–Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The Dawn Horse image represents the Way of Adidam Ruchiradam, as the Seventh Stage Way that begins with recognition of Adi Da as the Divine Person (in His bodily human form), and proceeds through increasingly greater forms of recognition, response (on the basis of recognition), and Realization (supported by that response, but not caused by it):
  • The right rear foot points towards the Feet of Avatar Adi Da’s bodily human form: the bodily revelation of the Divine Person.
  • The left rear foot is raised and pointed toward the Sacred Fire, which represents Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Presence, the Spirit-Current of the Divine Person.
  • The right front foot points toward the right side of the heart, which is the bodily seat associated with the Realization of Consciousness Itself, or Avatar Adi Da’s Divine and Perfect State, which is the Divine Self-Condition of all conditionally manifested beings and things.
  • The left front foot points up, toward the Divine Star, Which is the “Window” to the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Sphere (or “Midnight Sun”) of the “Bright” Divine Self-Domain of Conscious Light.

    The Ecstatic attitude of the Horse — with his head arched in Bliss, his wings outstretched (as a sign of Perfect Freedom), and his front hooves gesturing to the two “terminals” of Amrita Nadi — is a visual Symbol of Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization, or Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment: the Supreme Realization to Which Avatar Adi Da calls all living beings.

    –Many thanks to the Editor at “Adi Da Up Close” Website.  See Links Section.

    Jagadgurunath Samraj ki Jai!


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