The Ultimate Esoteric Avataric Secrets:
The Midnight Sun, Part Three

From “The Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of Adidam Ruchiradam”
by His Divine Presence, Parama Sapta Na Adi Da Samraj, Perfect Bhagavan

  • You must be able to Transcendentally spiritually “Locate” Me and “Know” Me in order to (whole bodily) devotionally recognize Me and to receive what I Say about the “Bright”.  My devotees should understand: The “Bright” is not merely “experienced” in a feeling-sense–the Luminosity of the “Bright” must be literally seen.  It as Obvious as the White Sun on a black field.
  • People have always seen This Vision, but (generally) only that conditionally and temporarily perceived form of It that may be “experienced” in the course of the death process.  However, beginning in the twentieth century, many people have survived the onset of the death-process because of medical capability of resuscitation–and that is why there is now a more widespread familiarity with this visionary “experience”.
  • I am fully familiar with the Process of Yogic Death. Even before I Initiated My Divine Avataric Teaching-Work, I “Experienced” all kinds of Profundities of Light.
  • There are after-death reports that show such “experiences” to be psycho-active events.  Indeed mind determines what is “experienced” in the death-process.  What happens in the Light depends on what you choose at the Door (or anywhere near the Door).
  • People who are wandering in darkness see color-light–the light of the cosmic domain.  They are actually in a black field–but their “experience” becomes prismatic.  That prismatic condition is the apparent fracturing of the Indivisible Divine Whiteness.  And the “Bright” (Itself) Is Beyond (and Prior to) the Vision of Whiteness.
  • All the color fields of the cosmic domain are prismatic illusions–non-necessary fabrications, mere apparitions (or appearances) in the “Bright” White Field of the Conscious Light of Existence. 
  • When This Is Realized, the “world” is Divinely Self-Recognized in That Whiteness (or “Brightness”), Which Is the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself.  In every other respect, the “lights” are “out”, and there is no consolation in the “world”.
  • In the only-by-Me-Revealed and Given seventh stage of life, there is no consolation whatsoever–but there need not be any consolation, because the being is Always Already Established in My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Transcendental Spiritual Current of Love-Bliss.
  • That Self-“Bright” Transcendental Spiritual Current is Allowed to Rise to the Infinitely Ascended Matrix of Light. 
  • And, at last (in the transition from the Divine Indifference stage into the Divine Translation stage of the seventh stage of life), the “Outshining Self-“Brightness” becomes Overwhelming.
  • Effectively, conditional existence is nothing more than a shadowy image in the “Bright” Field.  This Outshining is entirely Blissful–and, yet, there is something extraordinarily terrible–Shining in the black, with no consolation.

– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1688

There Is an Eternal Sun Over-head. It Is a Reflection of the Light in Which you Inhere. To see It is to be outside It. There is no option but to Be It. What is there to Be? Exactly That.

– Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1697


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