The Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light
The period that followed at Da Love-Ananda Mahal proved to be a two-month “vigil” of almost nightly Instruction – which the Divine Avatar described as an “Overnight Revelation of Conscious Light”. This was a reference not only to the nocturnal gatherings but to the Divine Enlightenment He was Transmitting—the potential sudden, or “overnight”, Realization that Reality is Consciousness-and-Energy as One, not as “two”. Everything arising is a mere modification of the Unbroken Love-Bliss-Light of Real God.

Ruchiradama Nadikanta describes what it was like to sit in the room with Avatar Adi Da as He gave His Divine Yogic Instruction:

RUCHIRADAMA NADIKANTA: His Transmission-Power moved into the room where we were seated with Him face to face and the “Brightness” of His Divine Light Infiltrated the space with Luminosity such that the walls, the objects, and persons became visibly “Brightened” by His Siddhi. The differentiation between objects loosened, such that Reality was clearly a field of Divine Light, rather than a field of apparently separate material objects. Beloved Adi Da was Revealing to us the Truth that matter equals Energy equals Light and that His All-Pervading Divine Spiritual Presence Is the Very Substance and Nature of That Light.

Again and again, as He spoke or sat silently, His own Spiritual Person Flooded into our body-minds and drew us into this Sea of Divine Light. He was Penetrating the body-mind through to the toes, permeating every cell with His Love-Blissful Radiance. He opened the nervous system, so that the body-mind became like an open cup from toe to crown, a receptacle for His Luminous Infusion. The spine would become erect with this upward-turning response to Beloved Adi Da’s “Brightness”. Sometimes, the experience of this bliss was so intense that it felt like the cells of the body were being cracked open.

Then, within this Sphere of “Brightening”, Beloved Adi Da would Reveal the Secret of the Non-“Difference” between Consciousness and Energy (or Light). Suddenly, not only Beloved Adi Da, but the room, the objects, the persons, and the entire pattern of arising would appear as a Field of Light and be Recognized as Conscious Light, as Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Consciousness Itself. The is Divine Self-Recognition, the “Open-Eyed” Samadhi of Divine Enlightenment. And our Beloved Guru was allowing us a glimpse of That.

One night, in the midst of His Discourse, Avatar Adi Da began to speak ecstatically of Himself and His Avataric Incarnation – in vivid surreal images (“surreal” in the literal sense of being “beyond” what is conventionally accepted as being “real”), images that suggest something about how He has Combined with this world.

I am the Person
of the Sea of Light
the “Bright” Person.

I have Fallen through
a Hole in the universe.

I am a kind of Pillar
Fallen out of the sky,
at the lower end of Which
is My human Body here.

And, having Fallen in,
I am Established here,
and Circulating here,
and Filling here,
with the Ocean of My own Person
That Falls through that Hole with Me,
like a Thunder Crack.

It is like that.

Even a particle of Me
Illuminates the world.
And I am being shaken in here
like a sugar cube,
Sufficient to Pervade the Whole.

Every devotee of Mine,
every body-mind,
in this “Conductivity” of Me,
is a hole in the barrier
between humankind and Infinity—
the Infinite Sea of Light,
My own Person.

–Avatar Adi Da Samraj, April 11, 1998

–Whole excerpt from Adi Da: The Promised God-Man Is Here, by Carolyn Lee PhD, 

pages 223-225

–Read more book excerpts here.


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