Life Does Not Work Out!

You want Me to talk about your trying to work your life out. Life does not work out! It cannot work out! That is not the Way of Adidam! The Way of Adidam is about ego- transcendence, transcending the very thing that seeks to make it all work out! You are wanting Me to address you in this act that you are making to have everything be hunky- dory. And the whole damn thing doesn’t even exist! And that’s what there is to Realize! Freedom from this illusion—that you call “reality” and are trying to make work out perfectly. You are only looking at yourself! That’s all you are ever looking at! And you want it to work out, “Narcissus”. You are looking at all this and you are calling it “the world”—but it is you!
All you ever talk about, think about, or perceive is you. It is a private, egoically “self”-possessed illusion. It is a result of your own knot of separateness, and it registers in this poor little slug of a body-mind you identify with as all kinds of illusions, hallucinations, thoughts, presumptions, ideas, perceptions. The whole lot, the whole ball of wax, is all the result of your own separate position, your own point of view, self-contraction, manufacturing illusions on the base of That Which Is Reality Itself. But you have no idea what that Reality is. No notion. You are not associated with Reality Itself. But you are dissociated from Reality. That is the whole point!

Well, that being the case, that is what you have to deal with! But you want to persist in your admiration of the “pond”,–your experience, your search, and so forth—and you are asking Me how to make it work out. I do not have anything to do with the “making-it-work-out” business. I am here to Wake you up!
–Adi Da Samraj, April 2, 1993

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