Can Be No Successor For Me

There Can Be No Successor For Me

Adidam Ruchiradam 
is the relationship to Me—
in which relationship I Spiritually Transmit Myself to you 
and you receive My Avataric Divine 
Spiritual Self-Transmission 

(or Ruchira Shaktipat).

Thus, the relationship to Me is the specific and 
direct relationship to Me—
in and As My Avatarically-Born bodily 
(human) Divine Form, 
and, altogether, 
As I Am.

I Am Beyond the “point of view” of the body-mind, 

or total psycho-physical ego-“I”, 
of My any and every devotee.

Therefore, there can be no substitute or successor for Me

and even My Words and Murti-Representations 
are merely Extensions of Me—
neither substituting for Me nor succeeding Me, 
but only providing Means for 

turning My any and every devotee to Me.

excerpt from “No Seeking/ Mere Beholding”
by Adi Da Samraj 

© 2011 ASA 

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