No Thing Nor Any One Is “Outside” The Centerless Bright Sphere

The Nature of Reality Itself can be said to be Spherical, without center or bounds.
It is not elsewhere. It is not a point. It is not separate.
The “ego” versus “object” – mind – is a mental fiction.
It is not a description of Reality Itself, not a description of what
experiencing is in any moment.
Experience is not based on “point” and separation.

There are no “points”.
There are no “centers”.
There is infinite association.
Boundless Touch.
Centerless Being.

Everything is organized in the manner of spheres –Not points. What appears to be a
point is an apparent Conjunction of spheres.

There is no point, no center, no finality, no dilemma, no ego.

All difficulty can be transcended, because everything is a Sphere – Boundless, Centerless
Being, “Bright”. The Root of the body, the Root of the mind,
the Root of Emotion, and the Root of breath must be Realized.

–Avatar Adi Da Samraj
May 19 and 25, 2001

From The Avatar of What Is, by Carolyn Lee, PhD, See Amazon Preview Here


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