Moving Beyond Infantile Spirituality


In the current exchanges about the True way of life, people are alternatively invited either to submit themselves in childish, emotional, and cultic fashion (usually by grace of “hype”) to one or another glamorous tradition, personality, or possible effect, or else to assert their adolescent independence from any Divine Influence, Master, or Way by engaging in any one of the (seemingly numberless) cool, mental, and strategic “methods” of “self”-indulgence, “self”-absorption, “self”-help, de-programming, or certified sudden transcendentalism now available in these media-motivated times. In the midst of the pervasive language of these offerings is all the implicit crawling fear of children and adolescents. surrounded by Parent, waiting for Wednesday, wasting weekends on authorities who preach against authority, or who promote peculiar enthusiasms for secret, unique, scriptural, and wholly fulfilling “techniques” for bodily, emotional and mental absorptions in the One True Reality — which everyone advertises, but very few find sufficient. “Religious”, “Spiritual”‘ and “philosophical” revivals are so plastic and popular, as mindless as soap — and, yet, they seem always to distract the “world”.
–Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon, page 87

Jai Jai Avatara Adi Da!

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