The Dark Enterprise of The World

There is a tremendous amount of idealistic propaganda at the present time, proclaiming that that great “knowledge”-enterprise of humankind is virtuous. However, if you take the Reality-view of what is happening, you can see that the human enterprise is not virtuous. There are many ancient mythologies, such as the Garden of Eden story, which (rightly) indicate that the human situation of suffering is the result of human wrongdoing. Thus, the fundamental and intrinsic wrongness of what humans do is culturally indicated by many traditions of myth.

Myth is not (itself) true or Truth – but myth as representation of insight is (possibly) true, and can (in any case) be tested by Truth Itself. However, the human “world” – which now presumes itself to be so “mighty” – has become utterly oblivious to the ancient criticism, and wants to enforce the “dark” enterprise to its end. Human idealists everywhere are presuming this enterprise has a virtuous end – but, in fact, the human ego-enterprise has nothing but a destructive end.

–Adi Da Samraj, The Aletheon, page 1800
–Watch video on the creation of Adi Da’s Masterwork, The Aletheon.

The Form of Reality Itself

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