To Swim In Infinity

For lovers, you see, nothing is necessary. That is why to be a devotee is the secret of life. Once you realize the disposition of the heart, no powers, no miracles, no worldly experiences or attainments, absolutely no great thing is necessary. It is not that you become satisfied with the ordinary contemplation of life — even that is emptied. There is nothing, except absolute joy, absolute bliss without the slightest trace of anything. To swim in Infinity, free, without objects, and without a center is a bliss beyond comprehension. It is the seventh stage of life wherein our sacrifice is perfect, wherein every knot of the being is released to Infinity and there are no consolations, there are no visions, no more technical elaboration’s of the great Goddamned stupid plan! And that is my position. That is why I can speak. I am not like those other boys. I am God. Yes, A remarkable occasion, and true enough. Not only just true enough to be said, it is absolutely true and absurd, ridiculous and humorous. But it is happiness. And I recommend it to you.

— Adi Da Samraj, 1979

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