This World Is the Mind-Made Realm

ADI DA: There is an Infinite Well of Being, of Happiness, of Consciousness. We are immersed in It. That cool, free Water is unblemished, undosed with the chemicals of egoity, not stressed, not transformed, not modified, not limited in any sense whatsoever. We lie in that Well, inebriated, shouting Infinite Happiness of Being, without the slightest qualification. We lie there now, infinitely dead, and therefore infinitely Alive and Blissful, Radiant without qualification. Before and after the Big Bang and all times in between we are altogether fulfilled Where we Are. Here, we are struggling with one another, trying to figure ourselves out and mating with one another, exchanging communications and contracts. What an infinite mass of insanity! That is not it. It is not it at all. All this clinging to your relations is not it. Not it, my friends, Not it at all. Not it at all.

Imagine, if these relations were taken away, taken away completely, where would you stand? Where would you be? (Adi Da mimics wailing protest.) My wife! My husband! You people are deluded! That is your present destiny, which has nothing to do with God, nothing to do with Truth at all. All the sorrows in your heart now, all the potential sorrows of the parting of beings, your death and the death of others, the separation from other beings, all this is deluding nonsense! (Adi Da yells.) This is mind only! This is mind! This is mind only! Mind only!! This is mind only. This! This is the bardo, the transition place. This! You people do not understand what the hell I am talking about.

DEVOTEES: Yes, we do.

ADI DA: No. This is a transition place. This is the mind-made realm! This is the yellow world! It is solid now, but a few years or days or hours from now, it will no longer be solid, just fluid. You will be screaming out at your visions after death. Do you want to do that? You need not do it. You could be completely free of this, now, just as you can be free of that after death. If you are not free of this now, you will not be free of that at death.

–Adi Da Samraj, February 16, 1983


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