The Thunder-Crack of Reality Itself .

I Am Acausally Coincident with all-and-All.

I am not “causing” Realization—in any one.

I Am Realization—in every one.

Such is the correct understanding.

Da Is the Perfect Silence of Transcendental Spiritual Thunder.

Da Is the Prior-Unity-Force That Always Priorly and Totally
Dissolves all dis-unity, all non-unity, all “difference”.

Da is not merely a physical sound.

When I Speak of the “Sound of Da”, I am Speaking a Metaphor for Non-”difference”, for Conscious Light Itself, for the “Emergence” of the Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain As the “Room” of Existence Itself, rather than the (otherwise presumed) ego-”world” of bondage.

Da Is the Sound of Divine Translation.

Da Is the Event of Divine Translation.

I Am the Event of Divine Translation.

To whole bodily recognize Me is to Enter into My Divine “Bright”
Spherical Self-Domain.

To whole bodily recognize Me is to Exist in My Divine “Bright”
Spherical Self-Domain.

That Instantaneous Translation Is Da.

That Is the “Thunder-Crack” of Reality Itself, when Reality Itself
Shatters the illusion of all appearances.

Then you Are in the Infinite “Room”, Prior to the mind, the body,
and the “world”.

The Boundlessness and Centerlessness of Love-Bliss That Is My
Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain Is What There Is to

The “cause-and-effect” appearance of here is merely one among
countless “cause-and-effect” appearances.

There are countless “worlds” of conditional appearance, of
“cause-and-effect”-illusion, of ego-bondage, and of would-be
seeming—all of which is, itself, the “cause” of all

My Divine Avataric Calling Is for you to Perfectly transcend what
appears—no matter what appears.

–Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj


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