The Body-Mind’s Context Is Prior Unity

True Spirituality and true Yoga are based on a direct and detailed familiarity with the cerebro-spinal system, of the various organs within the body, and so forth.

True Spirituality and true Yoga are not based on (and, indeed, have nothing to do with) cosmological mythologies or the conventional “God”-ideas of popular “religiosity”.

True esotericism is always associated with an analysis of the human structure, of the workings of that structure, and of the “methods” by which the esoteric practitioner can make use of that structure in the process of Realization. However, the esoteric traditions of Spirituality and Yoga are free of the fault of reductionism. In the esoteric traditions of Spirituality and Yoga, there is no notion that the association of Spiritual phenomena with certain aspects of the human structure reduces the significance of those phenomena to nothing but the workings of that structure.

Through the entire collective human process of examining the nature of conditionally manifested existence (including the scientific examination of the development of life-forms on Earth, the origin and evolution of the universe, and so on), a single great principle is made evident: All manifestation is arising from a Prior and Intrinsically Indivisible Unity. Everything that appears is developed from What is already there, inherently and potentially.

That Prior Unity is fundamental to the Nature of Reality. Therefore, it is false philosophy to presume (or even insist) that Reality Itself is reducible to the observable “facts” of the presumed-to-be-separate human structure and its functioning.

This must be understood: The human psycho-physical structure is (irreducibly) part of the Prior and Universal Unity. Reality Itself Is Non-separate, Indivisible, and (Ultimately) OneBeyond all appearances. The human psycho-physical structure is the “equipment” that is to be used by human beings for the sake of (Ultimately, Most Perfect) Divine Self-Realization — and that structure arises within the Universal Unity. This is the ancient esoteric “Knowledge”.

Adi Da Samraj, from “The Transcendental Spiritual Way of Reality Itself Is Founded On The Tacit and Prior ‘Perfect Knowledge’ of Reality Itself”, Aletheon, 2009


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