Reality Itself Is Inherently Actionless

The “natural” (or psycho-physically-patterned) ego is identified with the body-mind-complex, and imagines that it is doing the actions of the body and thinking the thoughts of the mind.

Thus, the usual human being imagines that actions and thoughts are “caused” by a “self” that is actively doing them.

The illusion of the ego is that it is “causing” its own “experiences” and (otherwise) that its “experiences” are being “caused” from “without”.

The presumption that there is an active ego “doing” things, and that the active ego must (therefore) “do” other things in order to free itself from the “effects” of what it has done, is the “root”-source of the great search.

The effort to “cure” the separate “self” (or the “soul”) of its bondage, its attachments, its associations, and its “effects” is fundamental to the search of the first six stages of life.

However, in Truth, the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Is Inherently actionless and Intrinsically Free.

Adi Da Samraj, Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga pg 60


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