Humankind Must Wake Up

Humankind must wake up. Humanity is now one — and there truly is only one “boat”. Everybody is face-to-face now, and the chaotic results of humankind’s dis-united and separative (and, altogether, ego-like) activities are, in fact, undermining the natural order on which everybody was able to depend until the last two hundred years, before human intervention started seriously changing the natural Earth-situation itself.

Ego is ruling — but ego has always ruled. The problem is that, now, ego is ruling in a totally different kind of situation, in which ego has the power to destroy not only humankind as a whole, but even the natural order of the Earth-world.

To imagine that a separate absolute Deity is in charge of the current chaos and suffering in the human world and in the Earth-world is to indulge in ignorance. Human beings themselves have intervened. Whatever the origins of the Earth-world are altogether, the natural domain is now being interfered with by human beings, in this time in which humankind has a total effect on the natural world. Therefore, humankind must not merely appeal to a parent-like “God” to change the situation. The Perfectly egoless Absolute That Is Reality Itself “Expects” (or Intrinsically “Requires”) humankind to change its own act.

Adi Da Samraj from Not-Two Is Peace

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