Baldness, Hats, & Wax Apples

On December 5, 2004, at Adi Da Samrajashram in the Marble Hall , Avatar Adi Da Samraj Answers the question of a member of the First Room Theatre Guild (a devotee who has played “Evelyn Disk” for many years):

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: What if Evelyn were to say, “If you always keep your hat on, you will never go bald.”?

From this point on ensued a mind-stopping verbal mosaic about impossible causes for baldness as related to the wearing of hats, the nature of Truth and Reality as revealed (or hidden) by wax apples, the necessity for wearing clean underwear when you leave the house (in case you get hit by a truck) — together with the most sublime Transcendental Revelation-Word that penetrated the minds and hearts of everyone for an hour. It ended this way:

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Do brains speak the Truth? Do brains know the Truth?

You have been thinking for years, as far as you know more or less continuously. Have your thoughts ever communicated the Truth to you?

Does your brain communicate the Truth to you? Is your brain like a hat of Truth-forgetting? If you took your hat off, would you re-awaken to the Truth?

Is the Truth deep, or is it high? Is the Truth the foundation, or is it more like the sky?

Is the heart like a wax apple and the Truth like a hat on the brain?

Are thoughts a hat for the separate brain? Is the hat the means, or thoughts the means for presuming the brain to be separate?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Is the presumption of separation like a hat or a wax apple? Is all baldness imaginary? If the source of thought is even attained, is there any thought? How can one think or otherwise forget thought and Realize Truth at the same time?

Is the Realization of Truth like wearing a hat and simultaneously being bald, in spite of the law that is stated in the form, “If you always keep your hat on, you will never go bald”?

What if you forgot to presume separateness? Can you forget to presume it and still exist? Can you therefore forget it? Are you the act of separateness such that it cannot be forgotten because you are it and it is not merely a thought?

If you are it and it is an activity, it cannot be forgotten. The effort to forget it will retain it. All seeking is fruitless — or, put another way, all seeking realizes a wax apple at last.

Fundamentally, this is all I have to say about it, Mel. Does this answer your question?

DEVOTEE: More than my question.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Does it answer the other ones, too?


AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: In summary then, if you always keep your hat on, you will never go bald. Whether it is true or not, Mel, you will never forget that I Told you this.

[laughter, clapping]

DEVOTEE: I love you, Lord. Thank You.



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