Pattern Is Patterning You

So the “I” is supposed to be a reference to a constant, a constant of self-awareness, you see. But it is not the body talking, because the body is all changes. There is no “point of view” that is the body, because that which is the body is constantly changing. It is part of a plastic, part of a pattern patterning. It has no absolutely separate identity. But it is a presumption of separate identity and of continuity. You are associated with that, moment to moment, constantly-this presumption. But if you observe, examine, the body, the body-mind, all conditions, you find no such fixed identity, fixed anything, fixed person in the form of anything psycho-physical-never. It is nowhere. There is never any “object” so-called, any complex of objects, any pattern in time and space. You find no permanence, just “klik-klak“, just shift-replication and shift-and many different kinds of apparent timings and so forth. How it appears, how you judge it and so forth, depends on point of view, or how it seems from some point of view.

–Adi Da Samraj
, 1996


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