The Core of “You” Is Spherical Reality

You all even think of the Cosmic Mandala as a kind of flat plane, as a mere tier of visionary states that appears before the field of vision. It seems to you to be a flat image, much as it appears to be in the picture in The Dawn Horse Testament. You are, from a separate point of view, located in the body-mind, envisioning the Cosmic Mandala in cross sections, so to speak. It is not a flat plane. It is a sphere. It is concentric spheres, in fact, not a flat plane of circles. If you envision it from a separate position however, it appears to be a flat plane. It is “out there”. You get the notion of going “out there” to get to it or going “up there” to get to it. In some sense, that is so, “considering” the experiential point of view of the perceiver. Rightly understood, however, rightly entered into, it is not “out there”, it is not a flat thing. It is a sphere.

When the observer is transcended, where is the core? It is not “out there” or “above”—it is at the very center, at the point of the conditional self, the position of the self-contraction itself. To penetrate the spheres of the Cosmic Mandala is to enter into the depth of the conditional self so that there is Realization of the Very Self. It is not to go out from the ego-position, but to penetrate it at its core.

The dissolution of the Cosmic Mandala is the magnification of the Inherent “Brightness” of Being Itself, Which, of course, shows Itself at the Core of the Cosmic Mandala perceptually. To be in that Position, Shining “Bright” as the Divine Self, is the mechanism of Divine Translation. In that Process, the Cosmic Mandala is Outshined from a Position at its very Core. Divine Translation is the Process of Expanding that Divine “Brightness” to the point of no-noticing—not by dissociation, but by Outshining. The Great Heart-Light Itself, magnified Perfectly, Outshines this sphere of apparent conditionality, which is merely Its apparent modification. So it is with all that you are dealing with, then. True practice of the Way of the Heart is always a matter of standing in the cause-position, the self-position—at first, in the conditional sense, the egoic sense. You must locate the position of your own causing, your own search. You are in that position when you notice the very sensation of your own act, the gesture of your own act. That is what real practice of the Way of the Heart is about. This is the practice that all My listening devotees are adapting to and growing in. You do not grow by mere observances, but by this “reality consideration”. The process of real self-observation becomes the locating of the self-contraction so that, from that position of the cause itself, you can truly surrender and forget your separate and separative self.

— Adi Da Samraj , March 1993


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