The Real World Is Light

Reality (Itself, and, also, in the context of conditional, or perceptual, appearances) has (inherently, or As It Is) no “thing” in it, no “other” in it, no separate “self” in it, no ideas, no constructs in mind or perception, and, altogether, no “point of view”.

The irreducible paradox of unobservability and unknowability is the actual (Real) state of every one and every thing ā€” even in the apparent context of all things arising.

The living body inherently wants to Realize (or Be One With) the Matrix of life. The living body always wants (with wanting need) to allow the Light of Perfect Reality into the “room”.

Assisting human beings to fulfill that impulse is what I work to do by every act of image-art. My images are created to be a means for any and every perceiving, feeling, and fully participating viewer to “Locate” Fundamental and Really Perfect Light ā€” the world As Light, all relations As Light, conditional (or naturally perceived) light As Absolute Light.

–Adi Da Samraj, Transcendental Realism


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