Walk-About To Me

The “romantic” (and culturally-transmitted) view of humankind as a “virtuous collective” is particularly evident in the West. That view is the naive presumption that humankind is a mass of “souls” evolving toward some ultimate fulfillment. Thus, the common (“romantic”) view refuses to confront the actual nature of the “world”-mummery — persisting in the illusion that human history constitutes a “virtuous progression” that will move “mightily onward”.

Through the Demonstration-History of My Own Divine Avataric Life and Work, that “romantic” view of human nature and history has now been conclusively proven to be false. This Testing-Result of My Own Divine Avataric Lifetime is Profoundly Consequential for human history altogether.

The preciousness of the idealized ego is a lie. Grandiose interpretations of human nature and human history have nothing to do with the Truth.

Truth is Reality Itself. Truth Transcends all ‘self”-representation on the part of humankind.

— Adi Da Samraj, Aletheon page 1842
–Watch video on the creation of Adi Da’s Masterwork, The Aletheon.


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