The Great Secret of Divine Translation –from The Way That I Teach

You must be willing to vanish completely, to be completely obliterated. You will become capable of that sacrifice only by degrees, because your fear is profound. The frigidity of feeling-attention is most profound in you, because of your experience, your adaptation. Therefore, the practice of God-Realization is a matter of time and practice. It need not be infinite time, as it is for the ego. The ego will also return to absolute dissolution in God, but only when the whole cosmos dissolves! The devotee who enjoys the intuition that is already the dissolution of self-possession may enter into that Realization long, long, long before the grinding halt of the universes. And you know how long it is between now and the grinding halt of the universes. There are billions of years even until the end of the earth. There are countless years, aeons of time beyond conception, until the dissolution of everything manifest. And the ego will dissolve only at that point. In the meantime, unless we realize God, we will have to go through the revolutions of experience, through arbitrary intention, arbitrary stimulation and attachment, through all the torments of dreaming existence in every plane, aeons upon aeons upon aeons of times, because there is not a fixed amount of time from now until then. And we must take into account all the time the ego may manufacture in dreams. So time is ultimately without end.

–Bubba Free John (Adi Da Samraj), 1978

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