So-called New Age –Aletheon page 1931

The so-called “new age” always envisioned by seekers is a spectacular display of ego-made patterns and conditions, a mummery of absurd events that only extends the madness, exploitability, and foolishness of ego-possessed (or “self”-absorbed and “self”-directed) humankind (bereft of Real-God-“Knowing”, and dissociated from the Authority, the Wisdom, and the Mastery of Real Acausal God). Therefore, I have not come to serve any utopian (or, otherwise, merely social and ego-consoling) “new age” — but I have Come to Call an End to this “late-time”, this “dark” epoch of egoic humankind, and all the future that would be made of this “civilized” and dreadful pond of history that only reflects “Narcissus” to the ego’s own and “self”-enamored eye.

–Beloved Adi Da Samraj
–Watch video on the creation of Adi Da’s Masterwork, The Aletheon.

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