Bedroom Light – Vivekananda Experience

A Devotee’s Experience
In 1972, I returned to the town of New Paltz in upstate New York, my time in the military finally done. I had been drafted into the army just days after finishing college, and now I was back, wandering aimlessly, with no idea what to do. I felt lost, disturbed, and directionless. I was in shock.
My time in the military had been a major emotional and spiritual ordeal, but through grace I had been able to survive it. Seeking a return to happier times, I wandered back to the scene of my old college friends, who invited me to come and visit them in the country.

On a beautiful summer day, I drove over the Hudson River to Stone Ridge, New York, to the lovely cottage my friends were renting there. The cottage dated back to the 1800s, and was originally part of a large estate with a mansion that had long since burned down. As it turned out, this spacious and beautiful old building had been home to the Indian adept Swami Vivekananda during his time of living and serving in the West. A great realizer and transmission teacher from the Vedantic school of India, Vivekananda spent a good deal of his short life instructing students in the United States and Europe, where he was the first Hindu teacher to take on Western devotees.

Late in the nineteenth century, Vivekananda made the bold move of initiating the first Western woman into a previously all male Eastern renunciate order in the very house my friends were renting. Pulling into what had been his home, though, I knew nothing of this saint, nothing of the profundity of what had transpired inside those four walls.

Vivekananda’s bedroom was situated at the back of the cottage, and was regarded, my friends said, as a special place. The lease made certain provisions outlining the sacred nature of the room, prohibiting anyone from living there. Over the years, the tenants had used the room for healings of all kinds, making use of the room’s remarkable energy to restore life to plants, pets, and people. Shortly after I had settled in, one of my friends suggested that I might want to sit and meditate in there for a while.

As I sat on the floor of the great adept’s small bedroom, I felt immediately touched and embraced by a powerful presence that seemed to come out of the walls and ceiling. The longer I sat, the more it became clear to me that my disturbed state was rooted in a nervous system disharmony, one that I had been unable to remedy on my own.

As I continued to sit, I felt my nervous system calm down and begin to harmonize, dropping me into a feeling of deep peace and happiness, a state I had not known for a very long time. Finally, a bright light from above somewhere seemed to lift me up into delicate visions of vibrating colors and shapes. It was an exquisitely sweet and happy experience.

After twenty minutes of quiet contemplation in the great sage’s bedroom, I had become gracefully restored to my ease, just by walking in and sitting down. All I had done was relax, allowing myself to stop and feel the place. Whatever touched me there had been in the room itself.

From upcoming book “The Tao of Rejuvenation” by Angelo Druda


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